MEK (General) Objective Questions

1.Presence of catalytic fines in fuel oil is significant to engineers on board because___________________________________
A.Catalytic fines tend to impair proper operation of purifiers
B.Catalytic fines lead to abrasive wear in liners , piston rings and fuel injection equipment
C.Catalytic fines necessitate increase in injection temperature
D.Catalytic fines necessitate increase in storage temperature

2.A partial opening of which of the following kinds of valves can lead to wire -drawing of its seat?

A.Globe Valve

B.Butterfly valve
C.Gate Valve
D.Full bore angle valve

3.Which of the following types of steam traps uses the pressure energy of the steam to close the outlet ?

A.Thermostatic trap
B.Thermodynamic trap
C.Mechanical trap
D.Vacuum trap

4.Scale formation in a fresh water generator evaporator can lead to ____________________

A.Impaired heat transfer

B.Reduced capacity
C.Increased shell temperature
D.All of the above

5.Crank web deflection readings will give a positive indication of

A. worn main bearing journals

B. torsional stress deformation
C. slack thrust bearings
D. bearing shells shim dimensions

6.Steel is an alloy of iron carbon and alloying components what is the carbon content?

A.Less than 1 %

B.Less than 2%
C.Greater than 2%
D.Any % of carbon

7.________ boiler feed pumps is used in modern ships

A.Reciprocating pump

B.Heleshaw pump
C.Multistage centrifugal pump
D.Single stage centrifugal pump

8.which of the following wil be required to be done in order to reduce sulphur corrosion of main engine components?

A. increasing the atomisation pressure of fuel injector
B. fitting exhaust valves with valve rotator

C. Running engine at or near normal sea load
D. Decreasing the F.O. purifier feed rate, running two purifier in series one acting as purifier and other as clarifier

9.The static suction head of a pump is the

A. distance of the suction liquid level above the center line of the pump
B. distance the suction liquid level is below the center line of the pump
C. force necessary to overcome frictional losses in the pump and piping
D. amount in inches of mercury the total suction head is below atmospheric pressure

10.Subsequent to a oil spill in Engine Room and ingress of oil in the bilge wells ,the best course of action is to ______________

A. Use oil spill dispersant chemical in the bilge wells
B. Transfer the oily mixture and let it settle in the bilge holding tank/bilge separator tank
C. Transfer the oily mixture using a portable pneumatic pump to a waste oil tank and then physically demuck and clean the bilge wells using environment friendly cleaner
D. Dilute the bilge wells by flooding with water and then use the general service pump to pump out the bilges

11.Steam stop valve is eased of its seat during boiler start upfrom cold

A. To allow thermal expansion of parts
B. To allow steam flow during start up
C. To prevent water hammer
D. All of the above

12.Marine boilers burning H.F.O. face a problem of cold corrosion due to high sulphur content. The minimum flue gas temperature within any boiler part is kept above due point of H2SO4. The actual dew point of H2SO4 in flue gases depends on the :

A. Boiler furnace temperature
B. Ambient air temperature

C. Boiler operating pressure
D. HFO sulphur content and moisture in combustion air

13.The by-products of oxidation, as a result of water contamination of hydraulic oil, are generally

A.removed by cellulose type filters
B.gums, varnishes, and acids

C.always neutralized by oil additives
D.harmless and have no effect on system components

14.  When centrifugal pump is changed over for pumping a liquid of higher specific gravity which of the following is going to change?

A. Discharge pressure
B. Discharge head
C. Power consumption
D. Pump speed

15.The pumps performance depends upon

A. Clearance between the wear ring and the impeller
B. Clearance between the impeller and the casing
C. Clearance between impeller and shaft
D. Clearance between mechanical seal and shaft

16. Back pressure valve in a refrigeration system with multiple chambers is fitted_____________

A. At the refrigerant exit end of evaporator of each chamber
B. At the refrigerant exit end of evaporators of chambers with higher temperature settings
C. At the refrigerant exit end of evaporators of chambers with lower temperature settings
D. None of the above

17.Which process is not done on mild steel.

A)hot plating
C)explosion bonding
D)metal spraying

18..In a D- type water tube boiler with a secondary steam drum and super- heater, the steam is heated above the boiling point of water in the __________________

A.Primary steam drum
C.Super- heater
D.Secondary steam drum

19.A multistage centrifugal pump is normally used

A. High head
B. High discharge flow
C. High viscous fluids
D. Low viscous fluid

20.Correct method of greasing a centrifugal pump bearing is: 

A. To pump the grease until you feel high back pressure on the Grease pump
B. To pump the greasefor 3-4 pumping strokes of Grease pump for each bearing
C. To pump the grease when the pump is stopped and drain any old grease at the same time by opening the drain plug, giving only 3-4 pumping strokes on Grease pump for each bearing. the drain plug should then be replaced

D. To pump the grease when the pump is running and drain any old grease at the same time by opening the drain plug,until all the old grease is removed and new grease starts coming out of the drain, repeating samefor each bearing. the drain plug should then be replaced

21. NPSH and the Total suction head are two terms which are commonly used for pumps. Which of the following is a true statement?

A. They are one and the same thing
B. Total suction head is greater than NPSH
C. NPSH is always greater than Total suction head
D. Total suction head and NPSH have no relationship

22.Which of the following used in boiler treatment is an oxygen scavenging

a. Polymer
b. Neutralizing amine
c. Sodium sulphite
d. Filming amine

23.How is the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the feedwater of an auxiliary boiler maintained at acceptable limits?

A. Feedwater is cycled through a DC heater.
B. Feedwater is treated with phosphates.C. Oxygen is liberated in the three-stages of feedwater preheating.
D. Oxygen is liberated by maintaining the highest practical feedwater temperature

24.To prevent main engine stoppage during periods of bad weather

A. Ensure lube oil level is topped up
B. Ensure over speed trip override switch set up to rough sea setting
C. Ensure reduced speed setting to prevent overload
D. All of the above

25. Routine cleaning of air side of air cooler of main engine is done by:

A. Circulating fresh water
B. Circulating cold chemical solution 

C. Circulating warm chemical solution
D. Circulating hot water


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  3. Break hoarse power varies directly with specific gravity. If the liquid has a specific gravity other than water (1.0) multiply the break HP for water by the specific gravity of liquid to be handled.

    A centrifugal pump will always develop the same head in feet no matter what the specific gravity of the liquid pumped. However, the pressure (In pounds per square inch) will be increased or decreased in direct proportion to the specific gravity. 14 ans a

  4. what is the least thickness is allowed and permitted to design the boiler guage glass.

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