SOLAS Lifeboat Markings And Lifeboat Fittings

Lifeboat Markings Requirements 

>Ship name or call sign
>Port of registry of the ship
>Carrying capacity

>Sr.No.of ships boat

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                                   >Life Boat Requirements (Imp)
                                                 >Lifeboat Equipments

Lifeboat Fittings

>All lifeboats shall be provided with rudder and the tiller

>Except in the vicinity of the rudder and propeller, a buoyant lifeline be becketed around the outside of the life boat

>Sufficient water tight lockers are provided for storage of small items and equipment

>Release control shall be clearly marked in contrasting colour

>Every lifeboat shall be fitted with a quick release device

>Lifeboat shall be provided with skates and fenders to protect the lifeboat from damage when the lifeboat is sliding down the ship side

>A manually controlled lamp light up to 2miles at night wth duration of 12hrs to be fitted on the canopy

> Every lifeboat shall be fitted with a mounted seat to enable the coxswain to have all round view

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