MEP Asked Objective Questions Part 2

51.Purifier leaking bowl opened, cleaned n seal ring changed n put back but still leaking
what might b wrong
a. high temp
b. high density
c. disc size not proper
d. rpm low

52.In which of the following types of refractory failure softening of the refractory bricks takes place due to presence of sodium/vanadium in fuel
A. Spalling
B. Cracking
C. Shrinkage cracking
D. Slagging

53.Super chlorinating of  freshwater tanks in dry dock is done by:
A. Washing the tanks in 100ppm chlorine solution
B. Washing the tanks in 55ppm chlorine solution
C. Leaving a 50ppm chlorine solution in the tank for 4 hours before flushing with clean water
D'. Leaving a 50ppm chlorine solution in the tank for 24 hours before flushing with clean water

54.which of the following will be required to be done in order to reduce sulphur corrosion of Main
Engine components
A. Increasing the atomization pressure of fuel injectors
B. Fitting exhaust valves with valve rotators
C. Running engine at or near normal sea load
D. Decreasing the F.O. purifier feed rate , running two purifier in-series one acting as purifier and
other as calrifier

55.Impingement corrosion is a
A. Physical action
B. CHEMICAL action
C. Physical and chemical action
D. None of the above

56.Air compressor cooler tube type
a) Spring type
b) Floating type
c) Fixed tube
d) U tube

57.After removing all the bonnet securing nuts of a large sized globe valve is found that the bonnet is coming out because of strong adhesion of the gasket between the bonnet and the body. What are you going to do in line with the best practices?(choose the best alternative)
A. A chain block can be hooked onto the hand wheel and bonnet should be (freed out of gasket adhesion) lifted clear of the valve body
B. Hammer the valve bonnet and the bridge from all sides using a big hammer until the bonnet is free
C. Use a hammer and chisel and try to force the chisel in at the joint of bonnet and body equally from all the sides until the bonnet is clear
D. Try to close the valve disc further onto the seat by turning the hand wheel in closing direction so as to jack up the bonnet.

58.For shaft sealing of a main sea water pump for ship plying in coastal muddy waters, which is the best option
A. Gland packing
B. Lip seal with gater spring
C. Mechanical seal
D. Cup seal

59. the sealing material for perfectly sealing type Ball valves is usually made up of
A. Rubber
B. PTFE or Nylon
C. Rubber reinforced with steel wire
D. Stainless steel

60.aluminum being lower than zinc in Galvanic series provides lesser protection to steel compared to the zinc coating. Which one of the following is a true statement:
A. aluminum coating provides good corrosion protection compared that of zinc at elevated temperatures
B. Zinc is always preferred over aluminum coating irrespective of the temperature of metal surface
C. aluminum is never used as coating material
D. aluminum reacts with steel, so cannot be used for coating steel

61.Which of the group of method are used for priming of centrifugal pumps onboard ships?
A. Gravity tank, attached vacuum pump
B. Attached Vacuum pump, filling pump casing using a fresh water hose
C. Central priming system, attached vacuum pump, sea water priming
D. None of the above

62.You have to dismantle a F.O. heater for cleaning. You have closed both inlet and outlet  valves of the heater, both for F.O. & steam side. What will you do before opening up the heater?
A. There is nothing more to be done, if you know the v/vs are holding you can straight away start opening the heater without wasting time
B. Drain the heater till pressure gauge reads zero and start opening the heater
C. Drain die heater till F.O. stop coming out of the drain and then start opening the heater
D. First open the vent valve and allow the heater to depressurize and then open the drain valve to drain the contents of the heater

63.Cadmium cotting provide corrosion protection . Cadmium coatings are commercially carried out using which of the following methods :-
A. metal spraying
B. Electro-plating
C. Hot-dipping
D. Metal difiiision

64.A recently completely overhauled Engine room bilge pump was working efficiently. Suddenly one day you find that the pump is not taking suction. You have tried priming with sea but still pump doesn’t  take suction from any of the bilge wells or bilge tank. What could have gone wrong inside the pump?best alternative.
A. The bucket rings have worn out
B. The suction or discharge valve must have worn out and started leaking
C. The suction or discharge valve might be stuck in one position or some debris might have lodged itself in between the valve and the seat
D. Pump suction filter might be clogged

65.Wheel operated butterfly valves are operated through a reduction gearbox. The Gear arrange inside of gear box is of ……..type
A. Bevel Gear
B. Rack & Pinion Gear
C. Planetary Gear
D. Worm & Worm Wheel

66. The common term used for failure of metal and alloys in a corrosive environment, when subject to high stresses is known as :
A. Fatigue failure
B. Corrosion fatigue
C. Stress corrosion
D. Fretting Corrosion

67.Not preventing cold corrosion in M/E component
a. Running Engine at high load
b. JAV cooling temp, high
c. High TNB cylinder oil d. Cooling charge air in air cooler dew point.

68.the crank web deflection readings of a diesel engine would be erroneous in which of the following conditions?
A. When the draught of the vessel has changed while readings were being taken
B. When cargo loading and discharging has been too rapid
C. When the crankcase temperature has changed substantially during the process of taking the reading
D. None of the above

69.A ball valve is found leaking in service and needs to be overhauled. What type of repairs can be carried out?
a. The ball and seat can be lapped together
b. The ball can be machined while the seat can be replaced
c. Normally both the non-metallic seats get worn out and have to be replaced
d. Normally ball gets damaged and has to be replaced

70.Refer cooling tubes act as self-cooling & expansion by
a) Straight tube
b) Utube
c) Spring tube

71.Accelerated corrosion due to removal of protective surface films (e.g.) oxide layers on metal/alloy surface due to turbulence of working fluid is known as
a) Bimetallic corrosion
b) Impingement corrosion
c) Cavitation erosion
d) Selective phase corrosion

72.Which of the following can cause exhaust with black smoke in a diesel engine?
A. Choked air filter of turbocharger
B. Water mixed with fuel
C. Bad atomization of fuel
D. Overload

73.The automatic/manual recirculation valve provided on the S.W. overboard line is provided so that:
A. S.W. temperature can be regulated and coolers can maintain correct temperatures even -with low
B. S.W. temperature can be regulated and coolers can maintain correct temperatures even with high
IS. W .temperatures
C. S.W. can be re-circulated when outside water is extremely muddy
D. S.W. can be re-circulated to conserve when sea chest suction filters become very dirty

74.which of the following valves are designed to have valve seat in pairs – one facing the inlet side and the
other facing the outlet side within the valve body?
A. Butterfly valve
B. Ball Valve
C. Globe Valve
D. Gate Valve

75.The attached vacuum pump of a ballast pump operates on the principle of a:
A. Centrifugal pump
B. Reciprocating pump
C. Gear Pump
D. Vane Pump

76.Process of emichment of surface of steel and and steel alloys by zinc using Electroplating is known as
A. Cathodisation
B. Galvanisation
C. Neutralisation
D. Dezincification 
77.Which of the following statements is False about cleanliness of electric motors?
A. External motor body cleanliness of totally enclosed is important since the body helps to dissipate heat generated
B. Dirt, oil, grease and moisture are primary culprits in deterioration of insulation of stator windings motor.
C. High-pressure dry compressed air cleaning is preferred over suction cleaning for stator windings.
D. Dry compressed air at a high pressure can drive in dirt inside windings instead of removing;

78.In a Parallel-Gate type valve the sealing between the valve and the disc is provided by
A. Appropriate tightening torque of the valve spindle
B. Gate and valve seat have a taper and when tightened they will seal against each other
C. Either the seat or the disc Gate are free-floating, allowing upstream pressure to seal the seat and disc against any unwanted leakage
D. For a gate type valve the sealing is never perfect and they always allow leakage.

79.Which of the following instruments is used to measuring rubber carriage bearing wear down?
A. Poker gauge
B. Telescopic feeler gauge
C. Depth gauge
D. Trammel

80.The purpose of an evaporator in domestic refrigeration system is to
A. Transmit latent heat of evaporation
B. Absorb latent heat of fusion
C. Absorb latent heat of  evaporation
D. Transmit latent heat of usion

81.A thin layer of electrolyte trapped in a small pits on a metal surface, and remaining stagnant
over a period of time , may cause:
A. Erosion
B. Bimetallic corrosion
C. Crevice corrosion
D. Corrosion fatigue
82.Sherardising, Chromising and Calorising fall under which of the processes of metal coating application:
A. Thermal spraying
B. Electroplating
C. Diffusion coating
D. Metal cladding

83.Why are large centrifugal pumps started with their discharge valve
A. To ensure proper priming
B. To limit sudden rise in discharge rate
C. To limit motor starting current
D. To minimize starting torque on motor shaft

84.Which of the following statements are true as far as painting of steel hull/structure is concerned? Multiple choice
A. Painting can be done under any weather
B. Painting can only be done after proper surface preparation is carried out
C. Painting should only be done on top of the appropriate primer coating
D. Several coats of paint can be applied on after the other without any time gap

85.In a three phase electrical equipment, the immediate action in the event of a fuse blowing in oneof the phases, would be:
A. To replace with a fuse of correct rating
B. To reduce fuses on all three phases
C. To try to repair the fuse
D. To investigate the fault that led to the blowing of the fuse

86.A drain copier is provided with S.W. cooling. What is the best way to increase the temperature
of condensate draining to the hotwell?
A. Throttle the S.W. inlet valve    B. Throttle the S.W. outlet valve
C. Open the condensate Bypass to the cooler
D. Close the condensate bypass to the cooler

87.Which of the following option gives you the correct sequence of the metals in decreasing
order of preferential corrosion when all of them are bonded and immersed in an electrolyte ?
A. Titanium, Mild Steel, Zinc, Stainless steel
B. Titanium, Stainless steel ,Mild Steel ,Zinc
C. Zinc, Mild Steel, Stainless steel, Titanium
D. Zinc, Titanium, Mild Steel, Stainless steel;

88.During auxiliary engine de-carbonization, which of the following checks need to be carried out?
A. Sounding of all double bottom tanks
B. Connecting rod big end ovality
C. Liner wear
D. Crack detection tests on connecting rod serrations

89.1n a reciprocating pump the direction of flow depends upon:
A. Direction of rotation of the pump
B. Position & fixing of suction and discharge valves
C. High pressure to low pressure
D. Whether pump is single acting or double acting

90.Fire side in boilers gets commonly corroded due to:
A. Galvanic action
B. Formation of Vanadium pentaoxide and sulphuric acid
C. Stress corrosion
D. Crevice corrosion

91.Which of the following statements is False about hydraulic jacks/tensioning tools?
A. The piston of the jack should be turned back by a certain degree after hand tightening to prevent easy removal after untightening of the nut.
B. The piston of the jack should not be turned back after hand tightening during un tightening of the nut
C. The piston of the jack need not be turned back during tightening of the nut.
D. The hydraulic pressure need not be relieved during removal of the jack.

92.screw pump is generally _______ pump
a.slow speed
b.high speed
c.medium speed
d.all of the above
93.Auxiliary engine connecting rod bottom end bolts should be tightened:
A. Only as per the prescribed torque using a torque range
B. As per prescribed torque as well as angular measurements as recommended by the manufacturer.
C. By following previous match marks on bolt heads and connecting rod body
D. As per prescribed torque and another 10% increase during every subsequent tightening

94.For the S.W. side of a M/E L.O. cooler it is noticed that rise in S.W.tempeture through the cooler decreased from 12 deg. C to 7 deg. C over a period of time, while the drop in temperature across the cooler has also decreased.All other coolers have been reported to be working normal and m/e is also running at a constant load in calm weather.What is the inference drawn by decrease in temperature differance?
A. The cooling S.W. inlet temperature has reduced
B. The efficiency of the cooler has increased over a period of time
C. The cooler has become dirty on the S.W. sideor L.O. side
D. S.W. side of the cooler may be partially blocked with mud or shells

95.The flow rate through a F.O. fransfer pump will not be affected by which of the following factors?
A. Low F.O. temperature
B. Low sounding in F.O. tank
C. Internal leakage within the pump
D. Leaking discharge valve
96.Which of the following can be done to reduce the cold corrosion of Main Engine cylinder liners using
high sulphur fuel oil :-
A. increasing cylinder oil feed rate
B. Using high TBN cylinder oil
C. Increasing scavenge air temperature
D. Decreasing cylinder oil feed rate

97.Pump driven clutch type attached vacuum pumps are commonly used for priming ballast pump and emergency fire pumps. What is the factor which clutches the vacum pump clutch to the pump clutch during start of the pump?
A. Low suction pressure acting against the spring loaded clutching piston
B. High suction pressure acting against the spring loaded clutching piston
C. Low discharge pressure acting against the spring loaded clutching piston
D. High discharge pressure acting against the spring loaded clutching piston

98.The ballast valve of the fore peak tank is located in the duct keel andcarmot be opened or shut by remote operation. The valves of other tanks can be operated remotely without any trouble Which of the following will be the best practice?
A. Valve should be checked locally for troubleshooting without which it is difficult to find the exact problem
B. The actuator must be defective and should be replaced with a new one
C. The control circuit is defective and the PCB should be replaced
D. Shore assistance will be required in such cases

99.After maintaining correct discharge pressure,soon ceases to discharge water what are the possible cause?
A. Pressure gauge wrong
B. Pump sucking air
C. Discharge valve throttled
D. Casing wear ring is worn

100.Corrosion of mild steel can b effectively prevented by
A) Cathodic protection
B) Protective coatings
C) Addition of suitable alloying elements
D) All die above



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