Lifeboat Equipment SOLAS

Lifeboat Equipment List
 In this article we will list out the equipment in lifeboats as per solas

>3 litters of fresh water for each person for which lifeboat is permitted to accommodate An approved desalting apparatus capable of producing 1/2 litters of drinking water per day per

person from sea water can replace 1 litter/person from above mentioned 3 litters

>sufficient buoyant oars

>Two boat hooks

>Crutches with lanyard

>One buoyant bailer

>Two Buckets

>An approved survival manual

>A binnacle containing approved compass

>A sea anchor

>Two hatchets,one at each end of the lifeboat 

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>Two sufficient painters of a length equal to not less than twice the distance from the stowage position of the lifeboat to the water line in lightest sea going condition or 15 meter which ever is greater.

>A rust proof dipper with lanyard

>A rust proof graduated drinking vessel

>Food rations not less than 10000KJ /person. Ration should be kept in air tight bags

>Four rocket parachute flares

>Two buoyant smoke signals

>Six red hand flares

>One water proof electric torch with spare set of batteries and spare bulb in a water proof container

>One,day light signaling mirror with instructions

> One non metallic whistle

>First aid out fit in water proof case

>6 doses of anti sickness medicines and one sea sickness bag for every persons

>A jack knife attached with lanyard

>3 tin openers

>A manual pump

>One set of approved fishing kit

>two buoyant rescue quoits attached to not less than 30mtrs of buoyant line

>Tools for minor adjustment to the engine

>Fire extinguisher for oil fire 

>Radar reflector

>Thermal protective aid not less than 2 or 10% of boat complement.

>Search light 


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