Steering Gear Test SOLAS Regulation

Steering gear tests as per solas 74 chapter V regulation 26

 Steering gear is one of the main part of ship maneuvering so smooth and correct working of steering gear is important.
>>Steering gear test should be done 12 hours before the departure of a ship, the steering gear of that ship shall be checked and tested and such checks and tests shall include the operation of,
              >the main steering gear
              >the auxiliary steering gear, except where such gear includes tackle,
              >the remote steering gear control systems
              >the steering controls located at different positions on the navigating bridge,
              >the rudder angle indicators in relation to the actual position of the rudder
              >the remote steering gear control system power failure alarms
             >the steering gear power unit failure alarms
>>The full movement of the rudder according to the required capabilities of the steering gear
>>A visual inspection of the steering gear and its connecting linkage
>>The operation of the means of communication between the navigating bridge and steering gear compartment

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