Preferential Trips Generators

Preferential trip on ship
 Preferential tripping in ships is to avoid total black out in the ship
>Operate after a fixed time delay, causing non-essential loads to be shed.
>Usual setting for overload trip is 150% load [50% overload].
>When generator load reaches 110%, 
Preferential Trip comes into operation as follows. 
First tripping at 5 sec:
Shut down non-essential loads [air condition, entertainment, accommodation fans, cargo hold fans, amplifiers, etc.] to reduce the generator load. 
Second tripping at 10 sec:
Shut down essential loads [services required for running the ship properly, leaving the 
loads of top priority services to maintain Propulsion and Navigation ] 
if generator load is still high.
Third tripping at 15 sec:
Shut down the main generator as last action, if the load is still too high, it may be 
due to short circuit or insulation breaking

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