SOLAS Life Raft Equipment and Life Raft Ration

Life Raft Equipment
In previous article we have gone through Life Boat Equipment . In this article we will discuss about equipment in life raft 
>One buoyant bailer for life raft up to 12 men life raft and 2 bailer for those of 13 and above men

>2No. buoyant paddles

>One first aid kit

>Pyrotechnique- 2nos. buoyant smoke floats, 4 nos rocket parachute flares and 6nos red hand flare

>One radar reflector

>One fishing line with six hooks

>One graduated drinking vessel

>One bellow pump

>One safety knife (non folding type) 

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>Two sponges

>Three tin Openers

>Whistle with lanyard 

>One water proof torch

>Day light signaling mirror

>2 nos sea anchor with shock resistant drogue hawser

>one copy of life saving signal

>Anti sea sickness tablets 6 doses/person

>One survival manual in water proof cover

>Thermal protective aid for 10% of the number of persons life raft is permitted to carry or 2 which ever is greater

Life Raft Rations 

>Fresh drinking water (1.5 Ltr/person)

>Foods ration (not less than 10000KJ/person)

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