SOLAS Lifeboat Requirements

SOLAS requirements for lifeboats (lifeboat regulations)

Lifeboat Construction Regulations  

>Lifeboat should be rigid construction capable of maintaining positive stability in an upright position when loaded with full complement of persons and equipment in calm water
> Hulls and rigid covers shall be fire-retardant or non-combustible.
>Lifeboat should be strong enough,
       1.When loaded with full compliment of persons and equipments.   
       2. capable of launching when the ship is heading with a speed of 5knots 
          3.Strong enough to lowered into the water when loaded with their full complement of persons and equipment.

> Except for free-fall lifeboats It should be capable of withstand lateral impact against the ship’s side at an impact velocity of at least 3.5 meters per second and  strong enough to drop into the water from a height of at least 3 meters.

>Lifeboat should not be less then 7.3 m in length and minimum two lifeboats are provided on both side of the ship (port and starboard). The size, number and the capacity of the lifeboat for a merchant vessel is decided by the type of the ship and number of ship’s crew.  

>Lifeboat should carry all the equipment as per solas it include rations,freshwater,first aid,compass, signaling equipment etc.

>The ship must carry one rescue boat for rescue purpose along with other lifeboats. One lifeboat can be designated as a rescue boat if more then one lifeboat is present onboard ship.

> Seating arrangement,either thwart,benches or fixed chair should be strong enough to support a person having weight of 100kg
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>Each seating position shall be clearly indicated in the boat

>All lifeboats shall be stable and have a positive GM value when loaded with 50 per cent of the number of persons the lifeboat is permitted to accommodate in their normal positions to one side of the centreline.

>The gravity davits must be hold and slide down the lifeboat even when the ship is heeled to an angle of 15 degree on either side. Ropes are used to hold the lifeboat in stowed position with cradle. These ropes are called gripes.

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>The wires which lift or lower the lifeboat are known as falls and the speed of the lifeboat descent should not be more then 36m/ min which is controlled by means of centrifugal brakes.

>The hoisting time for the boat launching appliance should not be less then 0.3 m/sec with the boat loaded to its full capacity.

>The Lifeboat must be painted in international bright orange color with the ship’s call sign printed on it.

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