Trips And Alarms In Auxiliary Engines D/G

The Various Trips and Alarms In Auxiliary Engines,

> Lube oil Low Level Alarm
> Lube oil Sump low level alarm
> High Lube oil temperature alarm
> Jacket water high temperature alarm
> Boost air (scavenge air) high temperature alarm
> FO Leak off alarm
> Exhaust High temperature alarm
> T/C outlet high temperature alarm
> T/C Inlet high temperature alarm
> Start Failure alarm
> Starting air low pressure alarm
> Control air low pressure alarm
> Low Low Lube oil pressure Trip
> High Jacket Water Temperature Trip
> Over speed Trip
> Reverse current trip
> High and Low frequency Trip

Alternator side
> Alternator bearing high temperature lube oil alarm
> Winding temperature high alarm
> Under voltage alarm and trip
> Reverse Power trip 

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