Crankcase Inspection of Main Engine | 2 Stroke Marine Diesel Engines

       The purpose of Crankcase Inspection is to ensure that none of the main components, fixing bolts, or piping has become loose during the previous voyage. Crankcase inspection should be carried in every month when the ship is in port or anchor.


> Inform port authority and get permission if the vessel is in port

> Shut Off of main air starting valve and air bottle main valve.

> Open indicator cocks and engage turning gear.

> Ensure engine has been tuned for at least half an hour before stopping the lube oil pump and cross head lubrication pump.

> Stop lube oil pumps and place the circuit breakers in off position.

> Post notice “Don’t start – Men at work”.

> Inform duty officer for propeller clearance.

> Open the crankcase door and ventilate properly.

> Wear safety gear; e.g. helmet, boots, raincoat, gloves etc.

> Use safety lamps, torches and tools.

> All pockets should be emptied of contents and all tools taken inside must to be accounted for.

> One responsible person must stand outside. 

Checks to be carried out on Crankcase inspection

> Check LO overall quality by checking smell, color and cleaness 

> Check for  White metal particles or foreign particles in the lubricating oil.

> Check for white metal squeezing at bearings.

> Check the crankcase walls for carbon deposits, leaking from diaphragm.

> Check the crankpin and web alignment mark.

> Check that the guide shoe end cover bolts are in place and not slack.

> All bolts, nuts and locking marks.

> Check Crankcase relief door-wire mesh (should be wet), spring tension, sealing ring condition, etc.

> Any discoloration signifying hot spots.

> Clearances of bearings

> Check the locking wires and locking washers on bolts of the stuffing box.

> Check oil mist detector sampling pipe for clear passage.

> Before coming out make sure there is nothing left inside

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