Main Logs and Registers Maintained in ECR

  • Chief engineer’s log book
  • Oil record book
  • Engine room tank sounding record
  • Engine room movement record book
  • Ums alarm record
  • Safety Saturday routines
  • Ums check lists
  • Engine staff rest hour’s record
  • Spares and stores inventories
  • Machinery circulars
  • Bunker sounding record
  • Chief engineer’s standing orders
  • Lube oil inventory
  • Boiler and cooling water treatment record
  • Chemical and gas inventory
  • Auxiliary running hour and maintenance record
  • Purifier and compressor maintenance record
  • Stores and spares consumption and requirement
  • Main engine running hours and maintenance record
  • Engine room work done record
  • Calibration record for measuring instruments
  • Engine room fire drills and training record
  • Engine room crew overtime record
  • Electrical work done record
  • Lube oil on board test record
  • Deck machinery inspection record
  • Refer temperature log
  • Refer spare parts/ inventory
  • Reefer repairs report

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