SOLAS Requirement For Sprinkler System

> It should have fitted in every cargo ship 2000 GT and above
>  Machinery  space of 500 m3 in volume and above required an additional fixed fire fighting system.
> It must have an independent power source or have a connection from the emergency switchboard for S/W pump, Alarm & Detection system and F.W. pump.
> In Accommodation and service space the sprinkler shall come into operation within temp range from 690c to 790c except where high temp might be expected the operation temp may be increased by not more than 300c above maximum deck head temp.
> Sprinklers should have good resistance of corrosion in marine environment
> Sprinkler system is divided into sections, each section is permitted to contain not more than 200 head.
> Each sprinkler head is sufficient to cover the areas of 16 m2 about.
> Sprinkler heads are spaced not more than 4 m apart and 2 m from the vertical wall.
> Each sprinkler head is capable of 100 litre/min discharge.
> The highest sprinkler head in the system is not less than 4.8 bar pressure.
> Each section of sprinkler shall be capable of being isolated by ONE STOP valve.
> Location of STOP valve outside of the associated section or in the cabinet and clearly and permanently indicated.
> A test valve shall be provided for testing the automatic alarm for each section of sprinklers by a discharge of water equivalent to the operation of one sprinkler. The test valve for each section shall be situated near the stop valve for that section
> A gauge indicating the pressure in the system shall be provided at each section stop valve and at a central station
> Paint locker room shall have sprinkler with designed 5 litre/m2
> It should have connection from fire main with a non return valve which will prevent a backflow from the sprinkler system to the fire main

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