SOLAS Requirement Of Crankcase Relief Valves

Crankcase Relief Valves SOLAS

> The internal combustion engine of a cylinder diameter of 200 mm or a crankcase volume of 0.6 m3 and above shall be provide with crankcase relief vale of a suitable type with sufficient relief area.
>In small engine cylinder dia. does not more than 300mm, crankcase door of which are
usually very strong. It may have relief valve or valves at its end
>In large engine, cylinder dia. over 30cm, It required one relief valve to be placed on each crankcase door
>Its free area should not smaller than 45cm2and there shall be minimum of 115cm2/m3of the gross crankcase volume
>Spring setting for opening pressure is 0.07 bar at an internal pressure and will close when the pressure has been relieved
>The valves open smartly and close positively and rapidly

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