Procedure to Release CO2 to Machinery Space

The procedure to release CO2from fixed installation into machinery space as follows
  • CO2 flooding into machinery space must be done by master’s order and must be done by competent engineer ie; CE or 2/E
  • All openings such as ventilator flaps and fire dampers should be shut
  • All fuel pumps and quick closing valves of fuel tanks and fuel transfer line must be shut from remote position
  • When CO2 cabinet door is opened alarm will sounded and all engine room fans will be stopped and before releasing make sure that nobody will be in engine room
  • Master valve should be opened first after that pull the operating handle of pilot cylinders.
  • CO2 released from pilot cylinders operate the gang release bar so that CO2 released from total flooding cylinders. 85% of total capacity must be able to be released within 2 minutes.


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  1. how will u ascertain that 85%co2 is realesed?

  2. how will u ascertain that 85%co2 is realesed?

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