S.C.B.A. CHECKS (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Checks)

SCBA checks

> Visually inspect the set and check if everything has been connected.

> All valves to be closed eps. cylinder valve and by-pass valve.

> Open the cylinder valve and as this is done the whistle will be heard as pressure rises in the set.
> Check for any audible leaks and rectify.

> Close the cylinder valve, the pressure should not fall to zero in under 30 seconds other wise the set is not leak tight.

> Depress the demand valve to clear it.

> Don the apparatus for comfortable use and put the mask and viser on and inhale to ensure that the air is flowing freely from the demand valve.

> Close the cylinder valve and breathe, the air in the mask and the  line shall be used up and the mask should stick to the face, if this is not the case then there is leakage into the face mask and it is not advisable to use the set unless in positive pressure mode.

> Open the cylinder valve and resume normal breathing through the demand valve, connect the lifeline and establish signals, also carry assorted equipment like flash-light, walkie-talkie and if required, an axe.

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