Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) SOLAS Requirements

 > Min capacity of air bottle is 1200 Liters

> Capable of working 30 Min with face mask

> Easily adjustable safety belt or harness made of recommended fabric

> Should have a pressure gauge with anti-bursting orifice.

> Fireproof line with a snap hook, min length 30 m and should have enough length to reach any part of the space entered.

> Max. weight should not exceed 19 Kg including life line, safety belt and harness

> It should have an audible warning system when 20% of air is left in the bottle.

> Maximum pressure should 180-200bars

Spare Cylinder On Board

> 100% spare cylinders

If a vessel is having compressor on board that vessel must have minimum 4 SCBA sets and 4 spare cylinders not less than 1200 litres each

> 200% spare cylinders

If a vessel does not have a compressor on board, that vessel must have 4 SCABA sets and 8 spare cylinders, not less than 1200 litres each


> Operating instructions

> Maker and year of manufacturer

> Hydraulic test date must marked on the bottle


> Cylinders should hydraulic tested every 5 years


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