Lube oil Properties of main engine crankcase/cylinder,auxiliry engine,air compressor,refrigeration

Main Engine Crankcase oil Property
  • low TBN
  • good detergency
  • good thermal and oxidation steability
  • good water separable property
Main Engine Cylinder oil Property
  • High TBN and TBN retention capability
  • high oxidation and thermal stability
  • good anti wear property
  • good detergency
  • should burn without forming residues
Auxiliary Engine Lube oil Property
  • high oxidation and thermal stability
  • high anti wear property
  • High TBN and high TBN retention capability
  • high detergency and high dispersity
  • it should be zinc free in order to protect silver bearing
  • high viscosity index
  • good water separable property
Air Compressor Lube oil Property
  • low ash and carbon formation
  • high oxidation and thermal stability
  • excellent water separable property
  • viscosity higher than refrigeration compressor oil
  • flash point higher than refrigeration compressor oil
Refrigeration Compressor Lube oil Property
  • good chemical and thermal stability
  • low wax content and pour point
  • low foaming
  • high flash point
  • should not be miscible with refrigerant


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