How To Use Hydraulic Jack In Tie Rod

  • The tie rod is put into position and nut is screwed up hand tight.
  • A sleeve or collar is then placed around the nut.
  • Hydraulic jack is screwed onto the thread above the nut and collar until it sits just above the collar. (If screw the jack tight onto the collar then it will be impossible to unscrew the jack after tightening).
  • When hydraulic pressure is applied to the jack it pulls the stud up and pushes the collar down onto the engine. The entire length of tie rod is stretched.
  • When you achieve the correct hydraulic pressure.
  • Small Tommy bar is placed through cut outs in the collar into holes drilled in the nut with this we tighten the nut.
  • Now hydraulic pressure is then released and due to elasticity of tie rod the nut is pulled against the engine.
  • After completely releasing hydraulic pressure the hoses are disconnected.


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  1. In aux engine main bearing we can take clearnce at bdc and in bottom half
    why we can not take clearnce in upper half

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