International Sewage Discharge Connection

          International Sewage Discharge Connection     
           The purpose of the International Sewage Connection is to enable pipes of reception facilities to be connected with the ship's Sewage discharge pipeline, both lines shall be fitted with a standard discharge connection so that it can be easily coupled.
      Standard dimensions of Sewage discharge connections 

Outside Diameter (OD)
Inside Diameter (ID)
According to pipe outside diameter
Bolt Circle Diameter (PCD)
Slots in Flange
4 holes 18mm in diameter spaced equidistantly on a bolt circle of above diameter, slotted to flange periphery. The Slot width to be 18mm
Flange Thickness
16mm minimum
Bolts & Nuts
4, each of 16mm diameter, 50mm in length
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     The flange is designed to accept pipes up to a maximum internal diameter of 100 mm and shall be of steel or other equivalent material having a flat face. This flange, together with a suitable gasket, shall be suitable for a service pressure of 6 kg/cm2
       For ships having a moulded depth of 5 m and less, the inner diameter of the discharge connection may be 38 mm.

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