Ship Construction MEO Class 4 Important Questions

Ship Construction
              All the questions are equally important. though we have marked certain questions as 'Imp' , please give special attention to those questions. If you find that we have missed out any questions ,please hint us by commenting below. If you wish to make your contribution to Marinesite, by writing articles, please contact admin(at) or use our contact form

>Basic Terms and Definitions In Ship Construction (Imp)
>Bulbous Bow, function, advantage, uses (Imp)
>Explain Types Of Keel Used In Ship Construction (Imp)
>Explain Cruiser Stern And Transom Stern
>Type Of Bulkheads
          >Collision Bulkhead (Imp)
          >Corrugated Bulkhead
          >Water Tight Bulkhead
          >Non Water Tight Bulkheads
          >Class Of Bulkhead Or Thermal Bulkheads (Imp)
>Explain Hatch Cover And Hatch Coaming(Imp)
>Die Penetration Test (Imp)
>Drew And Explain Double Bottom Tank (Imp)
>Explain Panting And Pounding. Arrangements To Resists Panting And Pounding (Imp)
>Bow Thruster 
>Explain Propeller Shaft With Diagram
>Explain Propeller Drop (Imp)
> What is Ship Rudder? Type, parts, Functions with Simple diagram (Imp)
>Explain Rudder Drop (Imp)
>Different Types of Methods To Reduce Rolling
          >Bilge Keel (Imp)
          >Ship Stabilizers
          >Tank Stabilizer
>Explain Torsion Box  (Imp)
>Water Tight Doors

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