Procedures Followed On Bridge During Anchoring

1   -     Ship’s anchor position verified regularly (should vessel’s position cross swinging circle                        boundary,Master,Chief mate,Engine Room & Bosun to be called.Engine to be brought to full              manning/manoeuvring status)

2   -      Anchor used & amount of cable confirmed.

3   -      Notice required for Engine confirmed.

4   -      Appropriate lights/shapes/flags exhibited.

5   -      Proper lookout maintained.

6   -      Deck watch to patrol regularly with radio reporting schedule to bridge as instructed by OOW.

7   -      Listening watch to be maintained on VHF CH16 & other local channels as instructed by port control & pilots.

8   -      Compass & Gyro errors to be verified.

9   -      Watch & plot movements of nearby targets.

10 -   In tidal waters, tide timings to be written on chart & vessel’s swing monitored.

11 -   Monitor closely vessel’s position when swinging to the tide.

12 -   Inform Master & give warning to duty engineer immediately if weather deteriorates. If there is             danger of collision from other vessel take immediate action to call out anchor party. Also sound         General alarm in case of collision threat.

13 -   Appropriate sound signals to be commenced in restricted visibility & Master to be called.

14 -   If in any doubt that vessel may be in danger of dragging anchor. Call master.

15 -   Where required maintain anti-piracy precautions. Make requisite log entry.

16 -   Maintain anchor watch log showing the bearings & distance being checked,ship’s heading,depth         of water, under keel distance from nearest anchored vessel. Electronic aids log also to be                     maintained. GPS is very effective in indicating movement.

17 -   Weather- if experiencing strong winds,swell
  *Restrict crew working in areas exposed to sea.
  *Inform all Crew members to take heavy weather precautions.
  *Engine kept ready for immediate manoeuvre.
  *Consider paying out extra cable.
  *Consider weighing anchor & proceeding to safer waters.

18 - Deck Watch to confirm, at regular intervals that the windlass brake is holding, chain stopper                in place,cable has not moved & is not vibrating.

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