How To Crack MEO Class 4 Exam

        Recently we have got a  lot of mails inquiring on  class 4 exams preparation. It is obvious  that meo class 4 is one of the 1st few steps towards the making of a licensed Marine engineer. Most of the people struggle really hard  to pass these exams,  especially oral exams due to  lack of coherent and systematic learning. Here in this article, I attempt to explain the best and easiest ways to crack the exams.

Written Exams (Now Its Changed)
        Most of the candidates are of the opinion that  it is simple, easy . Also the questions are repeated once only. But some strictly hold this view. But the truth related to this  is, these questions are  however simple and repeated but, answers are very confusing so that one finds it difficult to choose the correct answer, for all the four options given may appear to be correct . But if you just  go through these questions  you can notice  that only 10-20% of the questions are confusing; to the rest, 80-90℅% of the questions you can easily find answers. These 80-90 qustions are more than enough to acquire  pass marks. So  organize your preparations based on those questions. For your convenience,  you can divide these questions under two groups;  the 1st group  with questions of whose answers you are sure of and the second one in which you can include questions of whose answers you are doubtful of.  For the first group you just need only to mug up  things. For  the second group of questions,  you can have discussions on these difficult questions with  your friends and can even  discuss it in facebook groups and finally arrive at an answer that   convince your mind most. Try to go through at least 400 questions for each subject, for it is not the number of questions that matter, but you shouldnt have a confusion over the answers while you are in the exam hall. . You can also refer USCG qustions, which are easily available on internet.

Key Points To Remember 
> Try to collect all previous qustions and  make 2 groups - one with questions of whose answers you are sure about and second group with those questions of which whose answers you are not sure with.
>discuss with friends and arrive at a  conclusion before the exam and never change it.
>If time permits refer USCG qustions also.

Oral Exams
    Oral exam  is the most difficult section  in meo class 4  exams. Without proper preparation it won't be easy for you to crack the exam. In orals they are keen on testing your practical knowledge more than your technical knowledge. We can categorize these questions into- very simple questions, tricky questions and difficult questions. Never miss a simple technical question which means you are supposed to be very thorough with  the basics. Tricky questions are  most probably repeated once. Each surveyor has  a few sets of these questions. you can  collect these type of questions from your seniors or from facebook groups. If you are able to crack  these types of questions,  the chance of cracking the exam itself is more than 90%.  In Order To crack difficult questions you have to have lots of preparation and hard work and one thing i would like to remind you of is , if you miss or opt out one question in this section, it can never never reflect on  your result. Whatever your answer is, whether right or wrong spell it out clearly with confidence.

Key Points To Remember
> Never Attempt Without Proper Preparation
>Read All Question And Answers In
>Collect all recently asked questions and make small notes on it
>Never Argue with the Questioner
>Never miss a simple question
>What ever be the answer it should have some logic

Reference Books For MEO Class 4 Exams

 I am not recommending a particular book itself is one of the best platform for meo class 4 exam. Its growth and popularity shows the same. From last 3-4 years is the last word for the meo class 4 exams. 


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  1. Thanks for tips and reference

  2. what is the pass mark in written exam?

    1. i am not sure about the %, some are saying 80%... but i can assure u it will be easy to score above 90% if u take a little effort.. all the best for your exams...

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