International Bulk Chemical Code (IBC Code)

               Both SOLAS Chapter VII (Carriage of dangerous goods ) and MARPOL Annex II (Regulations for the Control of Pollution by Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk) conventions require all chemical tankers should comply with an IBC Code.
International Bulk Chemical Code  (IBC Code) means International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk, adopted by marine safety committee.

What are the objectives of IBC code?
             The objective of  lBC Code is to provide the international standards in ship design, construction and equipment for the safe carriage of dangerous chemicals and noxious liquid substances. It also tells you about cargo transfer, cargo containments, cargo venting arrangements, fire protection & fire prevention and special requirements for certain cargo etc. Implementation of IBC code reduces the risk to ship, crew and environment.

Which  are the different types of ships that fall under IBC Code?
             IBC Code applies to all ships which are carrying bulk cargo of dangerous chemicals and noxious liquid substances listed in chapter 17 of IBC code.Independent of the size of the ship

Code consist of following chapters,

Chapter 1- General
Chapter 2- Ship survival capability and location of cargo tanks
Chapter 3- Ship arrangements
Chapter 4- Cargo containment
Chapter 5- Cargo transfer
Chapter 6- Material of construction, protective lining and coatings
Chapter 7- Cargo temperature control
Chapter 8- Cargo tank venting and gas freeing arrangements
Chapter 9- Environmental control
Chapter 10- Electrical installation
Chapter 11- Fire protection and fire extinguishment
Chapter 12- Mechanical ventilation in cargo area
Chapter 13- Instrumentation
Chapter 14- Personal protection
Chapter 15- Special requirements for certain cargo
Chapter 16- Operational requirements
Chapter 17- Summary of minimum requirements ( list of cargo can carry)
Chapter 18- List of product which the code does not carry
Chapter 19- Index of product carried in bulk
Chapter 20- Transport of liquid chemical wastes
Chapter 21- Criteria for assigning carriage requirements for products subjected to IBC code

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