Meo Class 4 Electrical Oral Questions and Answers

> Fleming's Law
> Why AC is preferred on board ship
Active Power, Apparent Power, Reactive Power(Imp)
Safety precaution During any electrical Work(Imp)
Power factor and its significant
> Open circuit, Short circuit And Earth faults 
Ship Earth Fault Indicators Working With simple Diagram
> Neutral And Earthed Systems
Insulation resistance check or Megger test Procedure with circuit diagram (Imp)
> What is circuit breaker and its functions

Electrical Arrangements and Components
> General Lay out of ship electrical systems with Diagram(Imp)
> What is Fuses, Use, Types, Functions
> Type of Explosion protection For electrical equipment (Intrinsic)(Imp)
Safeties on MSB and ESB (Imp)
> What is Tie breaker? How emergency generator and main generator connected (Imp)

> Paralleling of generators
> Safeties in generator and emergency generator
> Under Voltage protection 
> Dark Lamp And Light Lamp Method 

> Draw and explain Star Delta Starter (Imp)
> Draw and explain Direct Inline Starter
> Draw and explain Auto Transformer Starter
> Maintenance on starters 

> Motor basic working Principle 
> Types of motors used on board
> Synchronous Vs Induction Motors? Where it is using
> Maintenance on motors
What is single Phasing? Causes, Effect And Protection(Imp)

> Different type of charging(Imp)
> Battery room Safeties
> Maintenance on batteries 
> Battery Checks

> Pump room light specialty
> Safeties on crane
> How earthing on Ship ? What is NER? Purpose
> Transformer principle
> Working of Rectifier 
> Welding principle
> How much current can kill you
> Steering gear Motor Safeties 


  1. pls describe the use of synchronous motors onboard, thank you.

    1. it is usng for improving lagging power factor.... used in governr, Radar motor,Gyroscope etc...


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