Meo Class 4 Electrical Oral Questions and Answers

  Here I have tried my level best to list almost all possible questions from Marine Electro Technology. As it is impossible to answer all questions at a time I am doing it on timely basis. If you find that I have missed out any questions, please hint me by commenting below or mail at Repeatedly asked questions marked as V.imp and Imp so please do give special attention for those questions
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Layouts & Components
> Insulated & Earthed Neutral System

Generators (Alternators)
> What is Tie breaker? How emergency generator and main generator connected (Imp)


> Explain Soft Starters
> Maintenance on starters

Safeties on MSB and ESB (Imp) 
> Safeties on crane


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  1. pls describe the use of synchronous motors onboard, thank you.

    1. it is usng for improving lagging power factor.... used in governr, Radar motor,Gyroscope etc...

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