What is blow-past In Marine Engines? Causes and Remedies of Blow past

What is Blow-past? 
         Blow past is the leakage of combustion gases between piston ring and cylinder liner. These leaked combustion gases will enter the scavenge spaces causing fouling and even scavenge fire in two stroke engine.
In four stroke engine these leaky burning gases enter into crankcase which may cause crankcase explosion

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Causes of blow past
> Worn or broken piston rings
>  Lack of lubrication or unauthorized lube oil
>  Carbon deposits in grooves
>  Poorly maintained piston ring clearances
>  Excessive cylinder liner wear
>  Overloading 
Remedy Of Blow Past
>  Keep piston ring and its clearance well maintained
>  Measure the cylinder liner and renew if necessary
>  Maintain proper lubrication with proper lube oil
>  Avoid Overloading

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