Meo Class4 Freshwater Generator And Hydrophore Important Topics

   Fresh Water Generator
   > Fresh water generator types, diagram, principle and working(imp)
   > Explain Tube type and plate type freshwater generator, Benefits(Imp)
   > Function of vacuum breaker, Where it is fitted ? (Imp) 
   > How to make water portable for drinking?
   > What is ejectors and educators? (Imp)
   > Starting Procedure For Freshwater Generator
   > Describe procedure for pressure testing the fresh water generator

> What are the consequences of reaching 100% vacuum in fresh water generator? what are the actions taken in this case?
> Fresh water production low. Reasons Action(Imp)
> What happen to fresh water production if ship is in cold or hot region ?


> Short cycling of hydrophore pump reasons
> What are the reasons for Hydrophore pump running continuously
> How will you understand hydrophore tank pressure has dropped during your round?

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