Meo Class4 Freshwater Generator And Hydrophore Important Topics

   Here I have tried my level best to list almost all possible questions from Fresh water generator And Hydrophore. As it is impossible to answer all questions at a time I am doing it on timely basis. If you find that I have missed out any questions, please hint me by commenting below or mail at Repeatedly asked questions marked as V.imp and imp so please do give special attention for those questions
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Fresh Water Generator
> Fresh water generator types, diagram, principle and working (imp)
> Function of vacuum breaker, Where it is fitted ? (Imp) 
> What is ejectors and educators? (Imp)

> Describe procedure for pressure testing the fresh water generator

> How to make water portable for drinking ?

> What are the consequences of reaching 100% vacuum in fresh water generator? what are the actions taken in this case?
> What happen to fresh water production if ship is in cold or hot region ?


> Short cycling of hydrophore pump reasons
> What are the reasons for Hydrophore pump running continuously
> How will you understand hydrophore tank pressure has dropped during your round?

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