Bulbous Bow Function, Advantages, Uses and Location

                  Bulbous bow is a projecting globule situated at the bow of a ship just underneath the waterline. Bulbous bow  reduce the hull wave making resistance of a ship, which is the major residuary frictional resistance of the ship.

                      When the water is cut by the bulbous bow mainly, two type of waves  are formed ; primary wave and secondary wave. The primary wave  formed by the bow, just in front of the bow  cuts the secondary wave formed by the ship hull, thereby reducing dragging.

> Increase propelsion efficiency
> Increase fuel efficiency
> Increase ship speed
> Increase stability
> Reduce dragging
> Reduce fuel consumption 
> Reduce pitching
> Act as BUMPER in collision. 

Image credit:- www.green4sea.com

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