What Are The Safeties In Starting Air Line?

            Different safety devices are installed on starting air line, inorder to prevent explosion.

Bursting Disc   It is installed on starting air pipe, between the manifold and the air starting valve. It consists of a  perforated disc made of a sheet of materials which will burst in case of excessive pressure secondary to an explosion. Bursting disc is designed in such a way that engine will run even after the disc get ruptured, there is a protective cap on the bursting disc which will cover the hole.

Flame Arrestor   Flame arrestor helps to arrest any flame coming out of the cylinder through leaking start air valve.

Relief valve    It is affixed on common manifold which shall lift and relieve excess pressure inside the manifold.

Non Return Valve    It will not allow the return of any gas from the manifold to the air receiver.


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