International Shore Connection for fire fighting, Dimension, Diagram, Symbol and Regulation

Have you ever thought what will happen if the ship's fire fighting system is fails at the time of fire! What will you do in this eventuality, if there is no coupling to connect with the shore fire fighting system?
What is International Shore connection
     It's nothing just a universal hose connection accepted internationally. Using this, the  ship can get a connection from shore or from other ships in case of total failure of the ship fire fighting system.

Regulation and requirements
>As per SOLAS every ship above 500 tons gross tonnage must have atleast one international shore connection. 
>Fittings and joinings having capacity to withstand working pressure of 10.5 bar.
Flange should have a flat surface on one side and other side should be attached to a coupling which can be easily attached to the ship fire hydrant

Dimensions And Diagram

Outside diameter 
178  mm
Bolt circle diameter                    
Inside diameter  
Slots in flange                            
4 holes 19mm in diameter spaced equidistantly on a bolt circle of above diameter, slotted to flange periphery
Flange thickness 14.5mm minimum
Bolts and nuts                              
  4, each of 16mm diameter, 50mm in length


Contents Of International shore connection Box
> Connection flange
> Nut and bolts
> Spanners
> Gasket
> Eight washers


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