Fire Control Plan on Ship Content, Location, Symbol

Fire control plan provides all the information about ship's fire fighting systems, fire alarms, escape routes, types of bulkhead etc. Fire control plan is a mandatory requirement of SOLAS described in regulation 15 of chapter II.      In the case of a major fire it is very useful for port fire fighting team to refer and understand the ship's fire fighting system and  restrict the fire.
        The fire plan should be available in the working language of the crew on board and also in English. All the crew members should know the symbols in the fire control plan

Content In Fire Control Plan

> Type and location of  the fire detection system like smoke and flame sensors
> Fixed and portable fire fighting appliances
> Fire alarm system
> Escape routes
> Types of bulkheads
> Various positions of dampers and vents
>Ventilation system and remote isolation of the same
> Location of EEBD
> Location of fire control stations
> Emergency stop 
> Location of emergency fire pump and emergency generator
> fireman outfit locker room
> Main fire pump location

> Engine room
>Navigation Bridge
>Accommodation area
>Fire control station
>One copy shall be available  ashore at the office of the company

Contents Of Fire Plan Box
    Fire plan box is nothing but a weathertight enclosure which contains,
>Fire plan
>Emergency contact lists
>Emergency response centre
>Port authority
>local agent
>Flag state
>Crew list
>Stowage plan
>Cargo MSDS 



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  1. very helpful for examination purpose, mostly surveyor asked during master oral.

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