List Of Equipments Connected With Emergency Generator

All the emergency machinery and essential equipment are connected with emergency generator. Here you can have a glimpse of emergency machinery which connected to the emergency generator or emergency switch board.
1. Emergency fire pump
2. Emergency air compressor
3. Emergency lights
4. Emergency steering gear motor
5. Emergency Alarms
6. Communication
7. Water tight doors
8. E/R ventilation fan
9. Necessary machineries for starting one generator ( DO pump, LO priming pump)
10. S/G supply fan
11. Foam pump
12. Rescue boat, Life boat & life raft davit.
13. Electric whistle system
14. Navigation/ signal lights
15. Battery charging board
16. Compressor for air breathing apparatus
17. E/R control console
18. Bridge control console
19. Cargo control console
20. Remote control valves
21. Nautical equipments
22. Emergency lighting distribution panel ( navigation, bridge, deck & outside light)
23. GMDSS radio console
24. Battery charger for emergency generator
25. Emergency generator coolant heater .
26. Fire detector and alarm panel
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