Nitrogen Inerting On Chemical Tankers Use, Regulation, Systems

Nitrogen is being used in different types of cargo operations in chemical tankers such as,

> Making inert atmosphere in tank above cargo
> Drying tanks before loading
> Pre -purging tanks
> Line blowing
> Inerting tanks during tank cleaning operations.

> Capable of delivering inert gas with an oxygen content in the inert gas main of not more than 5% by volume at any required rate of flow
> system should have the capacity to maintain the positive pressure on cargo tanks at all times with an atmosphere having an oxygen content of not more than 8%

Different Types of Nitrogen Inerting Systems

> Nitrogen generators
> Nitrogen cylinders
> Liquid nitrogen

Nitrogen Generators

        Nitrogen generators are those types that  generate nitrogen on board which can be directly supplied to the tanks or can be stored in the buffer tank. Usually nitrogen Generators are of two types; Membrane separation type and Pressure swing adsorption model.

Liquid Nitrogen

        Liquid nitrogen is manufactured in a  typical nitrogen plant with a purity of 99.9%. Liquid nitrogen is supplied from a specialised tanker directly to the ship. Nitrogen is ​ stored on board at a temperature of below -190 °c in liquid form.

Nitrogen cylinders

       In some ships nitrogen cylinders are provided for  inerting purposes. These cylinders may be from shore or vessel that normally  have generators to fill the bottles. Cylinders are connected in parallel to the central main line which leads the nitrogen in to the tank. Each cylinder has isolation valves and each branch from the main is also capable of isolation.
Why Inert gas is not used in chemical tankers for inerting?

On certain chemicals, inert gas make some hazardous reactions which may affect the quality of the cargo also. Inert gas is usually associated with oil tankers, sometimes it is used in chemical tankers also, provided ship have appropriate equipments.

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