Safeties In Refrigeration And A/C System Onboard Ship

Safeties In Refrigeration System Onboard Ship
> HP cut out: Trips the compressor if the pressure rises above  the working level
> LP cutout: trips the compressor when the pressure goes below the working pressure
> Differential lube oil pressure cutout
> Relief Valve in the condenser

> Belt driven: which connects the motor to the compressor. Belt  slips off if the compressor shaft does not rotate . Thus it protects the compressor.
> Cylinder head relief valve
> Cooling  low  water flow/ high temperature alarm
> Motor overload 
> Drier: Absorbs any  amount of moisture present in the refrigerant
> Unloader: It helps the compressor to start easily with no pressure in the cylinder so that the electric motors can start with low torque and low Amps.
> Capacity controller: In large type refrigeration systems, automation is provided to meet the varying refrigerating load
> Sensors-temperature and pressure: Senses the temperature and pressures in each stage
> Oil separator: Separates Oil and Refrigerant

 You Can Answer Following Questions,
> What are the safety measures in refrigeration system?

 > How does a  belt drive protect the compressor?

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