Short cycling in Refrigeration system, Causes, Remedies

Short cycling in Refrigeration system, Causes, Remedies
 Continuous starting and stopping of the  compressor is called short cycling in refrigeration system. Plainly speaking short cycling means the constant repetition of refrigeration cycles within short intervals. This may be  caused by a low pressure cut out or high suction pressure cut in, during short time interval.

> Suction pressure control difference being too small
> Leakage of refrigerant
> Obstructions in  the suction line
> Insufficient refrigerant
> Problem with capacity controller
> Solenoid valve leaks
> Vapour refrigerant in discharge line

> Provide sufficient suction pressure control difference
> Prevent leaks
> Replace leaky solenoid valve
> Refrigerant charge should be  maintained adequately
> No obstructions should be detected in  the Suction line
> Controller should be set as per manufacturer's instruction

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