Causes, Effects and Prevention Of Turbocharger Over-run

          Over-running of turbocharger means, it runs in more RPM than designed in a particular load. Turbocharger Over-run happens in constant pressure turbo-charged engines.
    > Due to the fire in scavenge space.
    > Due to the fire in exhaust trunk because of the oil accumulation. 

Must Read: Causes, Prevention And Remedies of Turbocharge surging

    > TC bearings, casing gets damaged.
    > Engine room fire.

     > Regular cleaning of scavenge space
     > Exhaust gas pipe regular cleaning.
     > Make sure that proper combustion is taking place
     > Liner, piston and rings, fuel valves, cylinder lubrication, maintained in good order.
     > Avoid operating ME under reduced load for long term. It leads to incomplete combustion and fire.

You Can Answer following questions,
> What is turbocharger over run?
> How turbocharger over run happens?
> What are the after effects of turbocharger over run?
> How to prevent turbocharger over run?

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If you know more or have doubts Please comment below

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