What is Freeboard of Ship? Why Tankers have Less Freeboard?

Freeboard of the Ship
         Freeboard  is the vertical distance from the waterline to the uppermost continuous deck which is also known as freeboard deck .
        If there is no freeboard, the deck will be on water line
        A certain freeboard is required for the safe sailing of the ship otherwise water may enter into the deck. 
        Every ship should have a statutory freeboard and provided an insurance against a merchant ship being lost. 
        Freeboard depends on the length, block coefficient, displacement, shear pattern,  type of the ship etc. if the ship is sailing on bad weather region freeboard will be high.
       Minimum freeboard is marked on the ship side of the ship which is known as Load line or Plimsoll line.

Why Tankers have less Freeboard?
>Tankers have much smaller deck openings in main deck.
> Tankers have greater sub division, by the additional longitudinal and transverse bulkhead.
> Tankers normally carry lesser density cargoes, ie greater buoyancy 
> Tankers have greater GM values

You can answers following questions,
> What is freeboard of the ship?
> What will happen if there is no freeboard for a ship   ?
>What are the factors that depends on the freeboard?
>What is Load line or Plimsoll line?
> Why Tankers have Less Freeboard?
> What Is statutory freeboard

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  1. What is the relation of smaller deck openings to freeboard?

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