Crash Manoeuvring Of Main Engine Procedure

Crash Stop Or Crash Manoeuvring
        It is the turning of Main engine in opposite direction to reduce the ship momentum to avoid collision or grounding.   

                       Consider a ship is moving at navigation full. Suddenly due to navigation danger ship needs astern kick and if you give stop, Engine fuel will shut but propeller will keep rotating.Then give starting kick in astern direction, using start air which is called brake air. This starting air will oppose the movement of piston and will try to stop the rotation of shaft. Once the RPM becomes zero, then give astern kick for starting engine. This is called crash manoeuvring. 

Procedure to follow Crash Manoeuvring
> Inform engine room and ask for crash stop and change over the controls from bridge to engine room
>From bridge give eastern direction in the telegraph, acknowledge it from engine room.(Starting air cam will come in reverse direction only after the telegraph is acknowledge from engine room)
> As soon as RPM drops below 40% of MCR, give air kick to Main Engine (brake air)
> Brake air injects in astern direction which will oppose the piston movement.
> Give brake air few times in short time frame. 
> When the RPM becomes zero turning gear interlock opens and the fuel cam comes in astern  direction 
> Give the main engine start kick by keeping fuel lever in minimum position.

What will happen if you put the telegraph from full ahead to stop engine during emergencies?
> If we put the telegraph from full ahead to stop the engine "load program" will activate and  the RPM will reduce. There wont be a sudden stop of engine it will take to time accordance with the engine load program. 

You Can Answer Following Questions
> What is crash Manoeuvring or Crash stop
> What is brake Air
> At what RPM you can give brake air kick to Main engine
What will happen if you put the telegraph from full ahead to stop engine during emergencies?

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  1. The term "break air" is used a couple of times in this note. Are you sure it is correct? It seems to me that what is intended is "brake air." The two sound exactly the same in spoken English, but their meanings are different.
    The word "break" means to separate something into parts. Thus we break a glass when it is dropped on the floor. The word "brake" means to stop a motion, as in braking the car to a stop. The context here seems to make more sense if we use "brake" instead of "break."

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