Hydraulic Locking (Hydrolock) Of Main Engine And Auxiliary Engines

Hydraulic Locking (Hydrolock) 
Hydrolocking is an abnormal condition of  reciprocating internal combustion engine. Hydraulic lock occurs when water, fuel or lube oil accumulates on top of the piston during engine is at rest , resulting in a condition where the  piston cannot complete its travel Since  the liquids being incompressible.
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> Leakage of water due to damaged cylinder liner oring, Leakage of oring from fuel injector sleeves, Crack in cylinder liner
> Faulty fuel injector and dripping
> LO leak from exhaust or Inlet valve sleeves
> LO leak from turbo charger

> Common damage modes include bent or broken connecting rods, a fractured crank, a fractured head, a fractured block, crankcase damage, damaged bearings, or any combination of these

How to avoid Hydrolocking
> Blow through engine each time before starting
> Check the freeness of the engine

You Can Answer Following Questions
> What is hydrolocking
> What are the reasons for hydrolocking
> How severely the engine can get damaged because of hydrolocking
>  How to avoid hydrolocking.

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  1. hello! what action to take if ur thrust bearing temp is high

  2. What to do if hydrolocking has already happened during stationary condition and engine is not starting?

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