What Is The Difference Between Condenser And Heater/Cooler

 >Condensers, as name suggest, which condenses vapors into liquid state . In other words condenser is a device which is used to transfer latent heat of condensation from vapor of a medium fluid to cooling fluid.
> Speaking about Dump Condensers, as name suggest (dump means 'abundant') excess steam from boiler  is dumped into a Condenser which will condensate into liquid state, hence the name dump condenser.
> The inlet line on the Condenser is understandably larger than the outlet line.
 Heat Exchanger (Heaters/Coolers)
    Generally we can call Heaters and Coolers  as Heat Exchanges.
> Heat Exchangers are the devices which exchanges heat from high temperature to low temperature or low temperature to high temperature
>  A heat exchanger or heat recovery units simply conduct heat without phase change.

Note:- All condensers are heat exchangers, not all heat exchangers are condensers.

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