Why Pulse Type Turbochargers Are Used in Auxiliary Engine Not In Main Engine

  Why Pulse Type Turbocharging is Used in Auxiliary Engine
> As you know that pulse type turbochargers are required high velocity pressure pulse waves to rotate the turbine. In Auxiliary Engines exhaust valves rapidly open, exhaust gas leaves the cylinder at a higher velocity in small piping. which hits the turbine blades and make it rotate. So pulse type turbocharger is suitable for auxiliary engines
> Pulse type turbochargers are highly responsive to change in engine load condition. In auxiliary engines load variation is frequent 
Why it is not used in Main Engine?
> Exhaust gas leaves the cylinder at a lower velocity. so constant pressure type turbochargers are used in main engine.
> Big piping for grouping is not advisable.
> Most of the time main engine is running at high load. In high load condition constant pressure type turbochargers are more efficient 

Note: Mainly its a design factor, there are 4 strokes with constant pressure too

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