Hyper Mist System on Ship Working, Activation methods, Areas

 Fire fighting Principle: Cooling & smothering


 System consists of a freshwater tank, freshwater pump, solenoid valves, nozzle, control unit, etc.

> At the time of fire, fresh water pump takes suction from fresh water tank to the sprinkler system at high pressure. 

> Each area separated by isolating valves which will operate during fire.

How Activate hypermist system

It can be done by three method

> Automatic: System will start automatically when two detectors (Flame & smoke) will get activated. 

> Activating from local panel: There is a push switch provided to start manually

> Emergency Starting: Start the pump manually then manually open the solenoid valves

The most common areas covered by water mist system

> Incinerator room

> Auxiliary boiler room

> Auxiliary generators

> Main engine cylinder head platform

> Purifier room

> Inert gas generator room

> Steering gear room

You can answer Following Questions

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> Hyper mist system working principle

> Procedure for activating Hypermist System (Imp)

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