Immersion suit SOLAS Requirements

 According to SOLAS Chapter III & LSA Code

> Immersion suit constructed with waterproof materials

> Unpacked and donned without assistance within 2 min along with a life jacket or any associated clothing

> Resist burning or continue melting for a period of 2 seconds

> It should  cover the whole body except the face. 

> No undue ingress of water into the suit after a jump from a height of not less than 4.5 m into the water.

> If it designed to be worn without a lifejacket, it should comply the requirements for life-jackets

> the lifejacket shall be worn over the immersion suit

> Person should be able to climb up and down at least 5 m in length

> Swim and board a boat

> jump from a height of not less than 4.5 m into the water

> one for every crew, In passenger vessels 3 immersion and 1 TPA per person per lifeboat

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