Lifejacket SOLAS Requirements

According to SOLAS Chapter III & LSA Code

> Shall sustain burning or melt after an exposure of 2 seconds

> Each person onboard must have personal life jacket + extra life jacket for the watch keeper + 5% extra life jacket at Muster station or Embarkation station

> Fitted with a whistle firmly secured by a cord.

> Buoyancy not to be reduced by 5% after 24Hrs of immersion in FW.

> It should not interfere with the entry into any survival craft stations.

> All lifejackets to be fitted with lights.

Adult Life Jackets

> It should be constructed in such a way that 75% of persons, who are completely unfamiliar with the lifejacket, can correctly don in a period of 1 min without assistance

> it allows the wearer to jump from a height of at least 4.5 m into the water without injury and

without dislodging or damaging the lifejacket

> shall allow the person wearing it to swim a short distance and to board a survival craft

> Capable of being worn in one way only

> Comfortable to wear

> It should have stability to lift the mouth of an unconscious person min. 120 mm clear of the water with the body inclined backwards at an angle of not less than 20° from the vertical. Time period to bring the body in this position is max 5second

Child Life Jacket

> Donning assistance is permitted

> Lift the mouth clear of the water only by a distance appropriate to the size of the wearer 

> Marked with child symbol, marked with height and weight range

Inflatable lifejacket

> Inflate automatically upon immersion

> Should be provided with a device to permit inflation by a single manual motion

> It should be capable of being inflated by mouth

> Should have buoyancy which is not reduced by more than 5% after 24h submersion in freshwater

> Minimum two separate compartments for inflation

Life Jacket Light

> Luminous intensity min 0.75cd for a period of at least 8 hours

> White in colour

> Manual switch


> Manufacture name

> Serial number

> Date of manufacture

> Weight capacity

> ͞”FRONT”  word printed

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