Lifeboat Engine And Propulsion Regulations

 According to SOLAS Chapter III & LSA Code

> Compression ignition engine. 

> Fuel used in it has a flash point of 43 degree C or less.

> Min fuel lasts 24hrs at 6kts. 

> A manual starting system

> Power starting system with two independent rechargeable sources.

> Power starting can be by using accumulator batteries or hydraulic.

> starting engines at -15 degrees C within 2 min

> The engine can be capable of operating when a lifeboat is flooded upto waterline of the crankshaft.

> The exhaust pipe outlet is located well clear of waterline.

> Engine should be capable of operating for not less than 5 minutes after starting from cold, with the lifeboat out of water.

> Min speed of 6kts and 2kts when towing a 25 person liferaft.

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