Free-fall Lifeboats SOLAS Regulations

 According to SOLAS Chapter III & LSA Code

> Free-fall lifeboats shall comply with the requirements of totally enclosed lifeboats 

> Each person should be provided with a seat without interfering with the means of propulsion or any other operation

> Width of the seat min 430 mm, clearance in front of the backrest min 635mm. Backrest shall extend at least 1,000 mm above the seat pan.

> Should have sufficient strength to launch from a height 1.5 times the free fall certification height with fully loaded.

> It should make positive headway immediately after water entry and shall not come into contact with the ship even with a trim of up to 10° and a list of up to 20°

either way from the certification height when fully equipped and loaded with:

     >  its full complement of persons;

     > occupants so as to cause the centre of gravity to be in the most forward position;

     >  occupants so as to cause the centre of gravity to be in the most aft position;

     > its operating crew only.

> Each free-fall lifeboat should be fitted with a release system       

>  Two independent activation systems for the release mechanisms, operated from inside and marked in contrast colour.

> Able to release at any condition of loading from noload to 200% of the normal load.

> Adequate protection for accidental release

> It should be designed to test the release system without launching.

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