Portable Fire Extinguisher SOLAS Requirements

 > All the fire fighting equipment is approved by the organization.

> Portable fire extinguishers shall be situated ready to use and easily visible.

> Accommodation, Service space, and Control station shall be provided with P.F.E (portable fire exit.) of appropriate type and in sufficient number to the satisfaction of the Administration.

> Each powder or carbon dioxide extinguisher shall have a capacity of at least 5 kg and each foam extinguisher shall have a capacity of at least 9 l.

> The mass of all portable fire extinguishers shall not exceed 23 kg.

> Total weight shall not be more than 23 Kg, and capacity of fluid not less 9 ltr and not more 13.5 ltr.

> One of the P.F.E intended for use in any space shall be stowed near the entrance to that space.

> CO2 P.F.E shall not be used in Accommodation.

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