What are The Safety Devices on CO2 Flooding Systems and CO2 room?

 The Safety Devices on CO2 Flooding Systems

> Relief valves at manifold.

> Master valve with alarm switch.

> Stop valve and pull handle are in the lock release cabinet and alarm switch.

> Safety bursting disc at each CO2 bottle.

> Leakage detecting pressure switch on manifold.

> Non return discharge valves after CO2 bottles

What are the CO2 room safety arrangement ?

> Exhaust fan and suction duct: Suction from the bottom of the CO2 room.

> Relief valve: If a co2 cylinder leaks into the manifold, there is a possibility of opening other cylinders by its stored pressure . so when the manifold pressure increases above the set point, pressure relief valve  is lifted and releases the pressure outside the Co2 room

> Check valve

> Bursting disc

> Pressure gauge and pressure alarm in the manifold

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