CO2 Portable Fire Extinguishers On Ship, Working, Procedure to Use, Maintenance

 >Use-------------------------oil, electrical, gaseous substances, Class B fire

>Working principle--------Smothering effect

>Safety----------------------Safety pin, control valve or safety valve and pressure relief device

>Duration of working------3-4 meter jet length for 20 sec

>Contain-------------------Co2 4.5Kg@53bar pressure and(vary as per weight and capacity)

>Body-----------------------Solid drawn steel and internally zinc coated. Discharge hose non conductive.

      This fire extinguisher used the inhibition method to stop the fire. They are always marked in ‘Black’ and this provides distinction to them. They are usually used in the galley, Bridge and engine roam spaces.  

Procedure to Use

    >Identify the fire (Class B)

    >Carry extinguisher nearby the fire

    >Keep Extinguisher towards the fire

    >Remove the safety pin direct the hose at the base of the fire

    >If the fire is on electrical equipment switch-off current

    >Careful of direction of wind

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