Basic Laws In Marine Electricity

 What is Kirchhoff’s current law?

The total incoming current to a junction is equal to total outgoing current from that junction of an electric circuit or In other words the net current flowing at a junction of a circuit is zero.

Faraday’s First Law - Electromagnetic Induction

Whenever a conductor is placed in a varying magnetic field, an EMF is induced. A current is induced when the conductor circuit is closed. This current is named an induced current.

What is mutual induction?

When an electromotive force (EMF) is produced in a coil due to the change in current in a coupled coil, the effect is known as mutual inductance.

What is the Electromotive force (EMF)?

The force which motivates the electrons to flow in a circuit known as electromotive force.

Its unit is volt.

What is Kirchoff's voltage law?

According to this law, the sum of voltages in a closed circuit on a closed path is equal to zero. Σv=0

Ohm’s law

> Accordingly at constant temperature and pressure the current through a conductor is directly proportional to the voltage across the conductor.

I ∝ V

> Constructional resistance is directly proportional to length of conductor and inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of the conductor.

Lenz law

> Accordingly whatever may be the cause of production the induced EMF opposes its initial cause

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