What Is Power Factor And Its Significant

 What is the Power Factor?

> Power factor is the measure of how efficiently an A.C. electrical system operates.

> It is the cosine angle between voltage and current of a circuit

Power factor = cos Ф



V= Voltage

I= Current

P= Total power

ϕ =phase angle difference between V & I

What is the importance of the Power Factor?

      A high power factor is an indication that the apparent power requirements (KVA) is very close to the actual power requirement (KW).

  This means that if the power factor is 0.9

And we supply 100 KW to the motor. 90 KW is used effectively to turn the rotor and only 10 KW is lost on inductive loads and losses.  Having a high power factor is of great benefit to the consumer as well as the producer.

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